Category: Motivation

How To Improve and Sustain Your Personal Economy

In these unpalatable economic times, it is convenient to blame one financial situation on the economy, especially when our timelines are continually flooded with the airs of negativity and gloom. While it might be impossible to have control over national economy or global economy, however what is possible is our […]

Happy employees, Happy customers

At Buklam Ventures, we believe that happy employees are the key to happy customers. The best way to support customer happiness is actually to ensure employee happiness first. Happy employees are more likely to go the extra mile to help the customer out, show resilience in challenging situations, and to […]

Success in Business and Life: The 4M

People who have studied successful people over the last 300 or more years have found certain traits that accounted to their achievements. These success techniques not only helped them forward but also kept them there even in times of depression, recession or other personal disasters. Four of them are The […]